Book Review: Highway on My Plate

A book that tempts you to ditch your sedentary lifestyle and drive around India, just to experience the country’s diverse food culture.

Live to Love, Love to Eat

If there is such a thing as unconditional and selfless love, it is our love of food.

Spicy Whole Cauliflower

Easy to make and sufficiently fancy-looking, this dish is guaranteed to win people over.

The Rainy Day Chicken

Pulpy tomatoes and the comforting smell of curry bubbling away in the kitchen—the perfect treat for a rainy day.

Sahil Makhija: Devilled Eggs and Demonic Omelettes

The Demonic Resurrection frontman spoke to us about five things he loves to cook for friends and family.

Restaurant: Asian Wok

An unassuming little restaurant, Asian Wok offers up a mouthwatering variety of Thai, Chinese, and Malay dishes.

Anushka Manchanda: Sound Bites

Idlis, sushi, and mashed potatoes — singer Anushka Manchanda talks to us about her favourite things to eat.