Arun Kale

Arun has an unhealthy obsession with collecting stationery, especially notebooks.

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Ira Trivedi

A Bright, Free Future

In conversation with India in Love author Ira Trivedi about free love, marriage brokers, and the effect of the Internet on Indian society.

Laxmi Bomb

Hॐ Coming

Laxmi Bomb’s Keegan Pereira speaks to us about the band’s debut E.P. Hॐ.

Shaa'ir + Func

Flies on the Wall

Monica Dogra, Randolph Correia, Aditya Ashok, and Rohit ‘P-Man’ Pereira talk to us about life on the road as Shaa’ir + Func.

Rochelle Potkar

Mic Check

Seven budding storytellers from Mumbai speak to us about what they love most about performing their stories in front of an audience.

Tall Tales

Stories to Tell

In conversation with Tall Tales co-founders Kaneez Surka and Michael Burns about the way forward for live storytelling in Mumbai.

Bhrigu Sahni

Guitarist Bhrigu Sahni Turns to Crowdfunding to Record Debut Album

Berklee graduate and ex-Khadki Junction Blues guitarist Bhrigu Sahni is seeking contributions from his fans to record and release his debut album.

Helter Skelter 2.0

Introducing Helter Skelter v2.0

We dusted everything off, moved the couch to the left, fluffed up the pillows, realigned the frames, put up some new curtains, and got rid of all the old junk we were hoarding.

Just Push Play

In conversation with the creative minds behind the first ever Mixtape anthology of graphic stories by Manta Ray Comics.

Flights of Fancy

A quick chat with Bidisha Basu, one of the founders of Leaping Windows, India’s first library and café for comic books, graphic novels, and manga.

Five to One

Difficult Pleasures author Anjum Hasan talks to us about five of her favourite short fiction writers.

Stories from Paradise

In conversation with Jai Undurti and Jasraman Grewal, creators of the Hyderabad Graphic Novel project.

The Prodigal Father

In conversation with bestselling author Amitabha Bagchi about his recently released second novel The Householder.