graphic novels

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Graphic violence, vivid and bizarre sexual encounters, and gut-wrenching parodies. Step inside.

Far Beyond Right and Wrong

Gore, terror, and bizarre incidents. The perfect place, created out of the dreary recesses of an ingenious mind: Neverwhere.

Book Review: The Hotel at the End of the World

On rainy days, you might be possessed by a crazy desire to go looking for this enchanting and maddeningly elusive hotel.

A Dream of a Story

Twisted, grotesque, and ultimately curious, The Sandman spills humanity’s secrets—or at least attempts to fish them out.

Pandemonium and Chaos

The question remains: Will humanity suffer, or the undying soul of John Constantine?

At Least They Got the Address Right

Comic book literature has never felt more convincing than From Hell.

Tonight, We Dine in Hell!

300 is about harsh realities, going far away from home, and never coming back.

Dream a Little Dream For Me

Neil Gaiman’s The Kindly Ones is structurally a greek tragedy, written with the soul of a deranged lunatic on a suicide mission.

Blood for Blood, and by the Gallons

A whirlwind, torrid introduction to exactly what your mother would not want to catch you reading.

Book Review: Our Toxic World

This graphic novel takes an entirely different route towards expressing one of the gravest concerns of modern society — toxicity.

Book Review: Watchmen

Watchmen cruelly disintegrates each character to its darkest detail while maintaining a glitter of hope for the world.

Painter of Tales

An exclusive interview with Amruta Patil, author of Kari.