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Blood for Blood, and by the Gallons
Dissent: Volume 6 of the Helter Skelter Anthology of New Writing

Blood for Blood, and by the Gallons

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to all those aware and unaware, here’s presenting to you Sin City—Frank Miller’s claim to fame, Robert Rodriguez’s inspiration for the 2005 hit and of course violence, sex, and a city, seen like never before!

The first graphic novel I ever read, the first set of largely black-and-white characters I pledged my undying love for, and the first set of tears shed with the death of what most would refer to as a comic book hero. Whores, cops, and blasphemies—all drawn to perfection and tinted to brilliance—opened for me a realm I never thought could exist on paper.

Helter Skelter: Sin City
Frank Miller’s Sin City.

The dark windless night, with thoughts of redemption running wild through Dwight’s mind, images of freedom, cutting loose, escaping from his personal hell, yet getting pulled back into the raging eye of the storm. One phone call. One broad. And Dwight runs, far from setting things right, to a part of the town where the women who walk the night reign supreme. The silence of the unspoken truce between the delicately dissected city, the electric tension as the obviously villainous mob desires to overcome these women and the streets they walk. United with Dwight, hell’s angels prepare a party; surely a feast for the eyes!

And then, there is Hartigan. Dear old Hartigan! Moralistic, righteous, and a fighter. A man who leaves behind the comforts of what shaped up to be a perfect life to save an unknown child from the hands of a rapist. No, wait. Lets make that a deranged rapist. So what happens, when the girl he sacrifices his all for, grows up? What happens, when monstrosity fills the pages with that unmistakable yellow stench? What happens when they all cross ways again? Or do they?

And then, there’s the women: Nancy, Goldie, Miho, and Gail. The untamed valkyrie. The wild cat. The untamed voice of passion, yet the sweet sexiness of vulnerability.

Cannibals, dogs, feline creatures, and bombs. The Hard Goodbye, A Dame to Kill For, The Big Fat Kill, That Yellow Bastard, Family Values, Booze, Broads, and Bullets, Hell and Back—each as heavy hitting as their titles, each a complete tease for the eyes, a massive turn on for the mind! The easy flow of conversation, the undertones and currents, the innuendo-laden words flung far and near, all just add up to sheer brilliance! And the ’00s, boys and girls, allow such brilliance to be appreciated!

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Available individually on paperback, these books have been created for owning! The artwork, complementing the storyline, perfectly gives way for the rants that come out so strongly in each of the characters. For once, piracy should be done away with. For once, all you pirates should drag yourselves to the nearest bookstores and treat yourselves to this visual treat. And then bother to leaf through the pages, and forget about the Rodriguez flick!

Until the next fortnight, get your homework done my young ‘uns. And more wisdom shall be pelted out to you. And of course, a new reading list!

Sol’s Graphic Vein is a new column on Helter Skelter. A whirlwind, torrid introduction to exactly what your mother would not want to catch you reading. Not for the weak-hearted. Not for the judgemental. Not for moralistic hypocrites. Definitely meant for those who appreciate art. Fun, coloured, and sexed out.
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  • sreejita this is a stunner… each nights have so much to experience… and it is only thru ur eyes… and words … expresses the thriller..

  • Its too good and very well written.. Take your time out and try start writing Novels. Trust me…… you have bright future…. Keep it up my dear.. and also put it in your fb…. so others can also read and go thru.. LOL.

  • Solo… Good job…!!! Well accumulated thoughts and wonderful verbiage… All in all an amazing and fantabulous composition…!!! Keep up the good work… God bless ya…!!! :)

  • Soul-O : U r gr8 , plz dont give up your writing. Dad alwz encourages you to stick to your creative writings … please keep doing it and do well and bloom and bloom. LV u MUM…. :O

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