• Escape Festival of Art & Music: May 20-22

    The third edition of the annual Escape Festival of Art & Music features over 200 artists from across various disciplines, both emerging and established.
  • Comic Con India 2011

    India's first ever annual comics convention takes place in New Delhi this weekend—details inside!
  • ‘Another Chance’ Contest Winners

    The winners of the ‘Another Chance’ contest held in January 2011 are Hitesh Ratnani (Mumbai), Vasundhara Yadav (New Delhi), Arnab Poddar (Bangalore), Kritika Kushwaha (Noida), Aseem Rastogi (Pune), Bhargavi Balachandran (Chennai), Piyush Shah (Mumbai), Shikher Chaudhary (Mumbai), Prashant Sehgal (Noida), and Richa Ramela (New Delhi). Hearty congratulations to all of you! Photograph by Nitin Patel. […]
  • Manthan ’11: Street Play Festival

    The fourth edition of Verve's annual street play festival in New Delhi is under way, featuring performances by over 300 students from across the city.
  • TED + Amazon = TEDBooks

    Online retail giant Amazon and nonprofit foundation TED have come together to announce a new series of short digital books ("TEDBooks") for busy people.
  • The Prodigy: India Tour 2011

    The explosive electronica outfit will rock India in January next year. Read on for tour dates and a message from Maxim.
  • Oxford English Dictionary Will Not Be Printed Again

    Alastair Jamieson reports in The Telegraph— “Sales of the third edition of the vast tome have fallen due to the increasing popularity of online alternatives, according to its publisher. “A team of 80 lexicographers has been working on the third edition of the OED – known as OED3 – for the past 21 years. “The […]
  • Announcement: M.I.A. Contest Winners

    The winners of the M.I.A. contest held last month are Shane Dias (Mumbai), Prachi Gupta (Bangalore), Ritu Mohanty (Bangalore), Satish Menon (Pune), and Rohan Dasgupta (Mumbai). Hearty congratulations to all of you! The correct answer to the question (‘In 2007, M.I.A. released her version of a hit song from a famous ’80s Hindi film. Which […]
  • What Is It About 20-Somethings?

    Why are so many people in their 20s taking so long to grow up? The New York Times‘s Robin Marantz Henig tries to uncover possible answers to the question— “The 20s are a black box, and there is a lot of churning in there. One-third of people in their 20s move to a new residence […]
  • Researcher Arrested for Disclosing Problems with Electronic Voting Machines reports— “A security researcher in India has been arrested after he refused to provide authorities with the name of a person who supplied him with an electronic voting machine that was used to discover vulnerabilities in the system. The researcher had used the machine to demonstrate how someone could hack voting systems to easily […]
  • Announcement: ‘The Dollmakers’ Island’ Contest Winners

    The winners of the ‘Dollmakers’ Island’ contest held last month are Chinmayi Bali (Jaipur), Rudrajyoti Choudhury (Mumbai), Abha Iyengar (New Delhi), Rumjhum Biswas (Chennai), and Neha Verma (New Delhi). Congratulations to all of you! Well done. Here are the correct answers to the contest questions— The Chateau d’If where Edmond Dantes is imprisoned on false […]
  • Tough on Tobacco Releases Its First Music Video

    Mumbai-based Tough on Tobacco released its first ever music video for ‘Taxi Song’ on Wednesday, August 11, at 12.34 p.m. The song is part of the band’s popular debut album The Happy Goat, which you can download for free at this location. Tough on Tobacco. The band and video crew seem to have had a […]

The Tap #12

By Ramya Sriram