Short Fiction

  • Church Hill, illustration by Osheen Siva

    Church Hill

    Bright lights flash about her, and the city steeps in her lap for an unexpected reunion.
  • In Calcutta, illustration by Newman D'Silva

    In Calcutta

    What does her smile look like? Does she have crooked teeth like me? Do her eyes crinkle up when she smiles?
  • Butterfly Love

    Butterfly Love

    Layers upon layers of fabric, he knew, were surely hampering his beloved white butterflies from fluttering in the breeze.
  • Skylight, illustration by Pooja Satish


    I was always watching you but you never felt the heat of my gaze.
  • David, illustration by Tara Isha


    There is nothing to be said. The hour is past, and he should leave.
  • Duet, illustration by Tara Isha


    She felt as though she had done something terrible. But technically, she had just been singing in her own bathroom, hadn't she?
  • Papercut, illustration by Dyuti Mittal

    Paper Cut on My Tongue

    When we left, we knew we’d probably never find our way back again.
  • Bandages, illustration by Kamal Singh

    Why Else Do You Think I Carry Bandages?

    Salves and salvation were two poles, and he, like the Earth itself, was slightly flattened at the doorstep of both.
  • Trees, illustration by Kamal Singh


    The girl and the boy made love to each other every night, and every night they climaxed knowing that they had climbed trees to get to one another.
  • Lost Bells, Illustration by Tara Isha

    Lost Bells

    Even in his blue silk dhoti, Shekhar looks like a walking insect—a fancy walking insect. It is an interesting look for someone with no personality.
  • Roseapples, illustration by Dyuti Mittal

    Hyphens Are Pink

    There were moments when our rhythms matched, and our feet, with a muddy shoe or two, were up in the blue sky together.
  • A Pleasant Kind of Heavy and Other Erotic Stories

    The Causes of Blindness

    South India is a confusing place to become a young woman: everyone seems so close but we are witness to so little physical embrace, so little touch.
The Oracle of Tripe #7

The Oracle of Tripe #7

By Chaitanya Modak and Benita Fernando
The Oracle of Tripe #7