Why I Love Delhi

Delhi’s oldness is alternative to, independent of, but equally conscious and respectful of the new.

Hidden-Away Surprises

Bylakuppe is a colourful slice of Tibet hidden away in the southern half of India.

Book Review: Reflected in Water

This part-travelogue, part-reverie helps reinvent Goa, a place that is largely misunderstood.

Book Review: Highway on My Plate

A book that tempts you to ditch your sedentary lifestyle and drive around India, just to experience the country’s diverse food culture.

At the Altar

Pallassena is a village that is proud of its temples and traditions, culture, and above all, simplicity.

The Cleanest Village in Asia

Nestled up in a corner of Meghalaya and shrouded within clouds, Mawlynnong is like something out of a fairy tale.

Book Review: The Masque of Africa

The book provides riveting anecdotes for those who have not been to Africa, but don’t let Naipaul sum it all up for you.

Rock the Baht

Seven golden rules for a thoroughly enjoyable time in Thailand&#8212on a budget.

Khublai Shibhon, Sohra

Sohra is at most a two-hour drive from Shillong—scenic, with rolling greens and misty blues.

Kasol Capers

Visiting Kasol in January is a little bizarre, but an adventure nonetheless.

On the Fishy Side

Author Samanth Subramanian talks to us about travel writing, personal histories, and what he really thinks about fish.

The Call of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan has been described by travellers as the Johnny Depp of the world — reclusive, a bit odd, but endearing nonetheless.