Articles labelled ‘photography’

  • Photograph by Revathy V K

    A Gatherer of Stories

    In conversation with Revathy V K about her photography, her writing, and the queer community in India.
  • Stalked by Aishwarya Arumbakkam

    Unspoken, Ignored, Misrepresented: Giving a Voice to Victims of Stalking

    Filmmaker Aishwarya Arumbakkam portrays the trauma of stalking victims in a series of photographs to be exhibited in Bangalore this week. Details inside.
  • Open Show Pune #3

    Open Show Pune: A Space for Creation, Experimentation, and Exhibition

    Open Show India offers a way for photographers and multimedia producers in the country to remain in contact with the contemporary vocabulary of image-making.
  • Open Show Pune

    Open Show Pune Looking for Submissions

    The initiative is looking for submissions from multimedia artists, photographers, and filmmakers in the city for a showing this weekend. Details inside.
  • Snapshots Without Time

    Snapshots or instant pictures capture a moment in time. But what of a place where time doesn't exist; where there is stillness and nothing ever changes?
  • Photographing Death

    The severed head of a goat lying a few metres away did nothing to deter me from peering at it, curious.
  • Photo Story to Short Film Contest

    A unique opportunity created by Shamiana and Uncommonsense Films for student photographers in Delhi. Details inside!
  • There Is Beauty in Not Knowing

    Life is but an empty canvas; paint a pretty picture and make it your own.
  • Through Her Eyes

    Prominent photojournalist Kainaz Amaria talks to us about the Parsi community in Mumbai and her Dream Mumbai exhibit, amongst other things.
  • Che

    Fort Kochi, 2010 · Photograph by Aashim Tyagi
  • Fairground High

    Kolkata, 2010 · Photograph by Sreejita Biswas
  • Garage

    Matancherry, 2010 · Photograph by Aashim Tyagi

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