Photograph by Revathy V K

A Gatherer of Stories

In conversation with Revathy V K about her photography, her writing, and the queer community in India.

Stalked by Aishwarya Arumbakkam

Unspoken, Ignored, Misrepresented: Giving a Voice to Victims of Stalking

Filmmaker Aishwarya Arumbakkam portrays the trauma of stalking victims in a series of photographs to be exhibited in Bangalore this week. Details inside.

Open Show Pune #3

Open Show Pune: A Space for Creation, Experimentation, and Exhibition

Open Show India offers a way for photographers and multimedia producers in the country to remain in contact with the contemporary vocabulary of image-making.

Open Show Pune

Open Show Pune Looking for Submissions

The initiative is looking for submissions from multimedia artists, photographers, and filmmakers in the city for a showing this weekend. Details inside.

Snapshots Without Time

Snapshots or instant pictures capture a moment in time. But what of a place where time doesn’t exist; where there is stillness and nothing ever changes?

Photographing Death

The severed head of a goat lying a few metres away did nothing to deter me from peering at it, curious.

Photo Story to Short Film Contest

A unique opportunity created by Shamiana and Uncommonsense Films for student photographers in Delhi. Details inside!

There Is Beauty in Not Knowing

Life is but an empty canvas; paint a pretty picture and make it your own.

Through Her Eyes

Prominent photojournalist Kainaz Amaria talks to us about the Parsi community in Mumbai and her Dream Mumbai exhibit, amongst other things.


Fort Kochi, 2010 · Photograph by Aashim Tyagi

Fairground High

Kolkata, 2010 · Photograph by Sreejita Biswas


Matancherry, 2010 · Photograph by Aashim Tyagi