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Will India Be Ready to Host the Commonwealth Games?
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Will India Be Ready to Host the Commonwealth Games?

Time Magazine reports

“The rains that hit New Delhi last week were bad news for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the biggest sporting spectacle ever to come to India. The event’s two shooting ranges, one of them inaugurated just 60 days ago, were extensively damaged in the downpour. A week earlier, the temporary roof of the table tennis court in the Yamuna Sports Complex collapsed under another deluge, and the new Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Complex, hyped as the best aquatic arena in the country, is now a mess of debris, electric cables and leaking eaves.

“But it’s not just bad weather that’s plaguing India’s efforts to get ready in time for its gold-medal moment in October. Inside the new showcase Nehru Stadium, construction on the weight-lifting arena had been neglected until this week. A young swimmer this week tripped on a loose grill and hurt herself during the National Federation Cup, a test event held at the recently finished Talkatora stadium. According to a six-month investigation and report by India’s top anti-corruption agency, the Commonwealth Games’ infrastructure is in all-around bad shape, chiefly because of ‘large-scale corruption, usage of sub-standard material and repeated delays.'”

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