Don’t Break the Rules

In Fight Club, Palahniuk’s literary style hits you like a punch from down south and gets you on the chin.

Lost Islands and Found Voices

An exclusive interview with author Anuradha Kumar about her fifth and latest novel The Dollmakers’ Island.

Announcement: ‘The Dollmakers’ Island’ Contest Winners

The winners of the ‘Dollmakers’ Island’ contest held last month are Chinmayi Bali (Jaipur), Rudrajyoti…

Book Review: Our Toxic World

This graphic novel takes an entirely different route towards expressing one of the gravest concerns of modern society — toxicity.

Book Review: Watchmen

Watchmen cruelly disintegrates each character to its darkest detail while maintaining a glitter of hope for the world.

Book Review: The Gamechangers

Building on the popularity of the blog, Fake I.P.L. Player comes out with a whole new web of conspiracy theories in The Gamechangers.

One Book a Week

It’s time to phase out idle mouse clicking and passive TV watching for something that’s genuinely worth doing.

Black, White, and Grey

An exclusive interview with author Kalpana Swaminathan about The Monochrome Madonna, her creative process, and the next Lalli mystery.

Why are Young Readers Drawn to Dystopian Fiction?

An excerpt from a lovely essay in The New Yorker by Laura Miller — “But…

Book Review: Way to Go

Upamanyu Chatterjee’s latest novel is recommended for anyone who wants to broaden their perspective on life, and enjoy themselves in the process.

Painter of Tales

An exclusive interview with Amruta Patil, author of Kari.