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Are Students a Burden on the Taxpayer?
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Are Students a Burden on the Taxpayer?

The Times reports —

“What will happen to universities is going to be a big story over the next few months (and years). Will the cap on fees be lifted so that universities can charge what they want to (as Oxford Chancellor Chris Patten has asked) or will fees rise across the board, but be the same amount whatever the university and whatever the course?

“Will higher fees put prospective students off going to universities, or will differing fees put students off going to particular universities (as already happens in America)?

“There are so many questions, but the main one today has got to be the one which Mr. Willetts opened himself up to. Are students really a burden on the taxpayer, or do they provide so much after graduation (through their professions and often higher tax rates) that Mr. Willetts’ comments are completely misguided?”

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