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Announcement: ‘Moonward’ Contest Winners
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Announcement: ‘Moonward’ Contest Winners

Helter Skelter: Moonward Contest

As promised, the time has come to announce the winners of the ‘Moonward’ contest. Hearty congratulations to Titiksha Pandit (Pune), Nash Paul (Mumbai), Manasi Subramaniam (Chennai), Divya Joseph (Bangalore), and Indu Harikumar (Mumbai).

The winners listed above will receive autographed copies of Moonward, a popular graphic novel by Appupen (Blaft Publications).

The correct answer to the question (‘What is the real name of Moonward author Appupen?’) is, of course, George Mathen.

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We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the contest. Stay tuned for the next one!

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