Articles labelled ‘New Writing’

  • Mother, illustration by Tara Isha


    I take you like a paper doll and crumple you.
  • Trees, illustration by Kamal Singh


    The girl and the boy made love to each other every night, and every night they climaxed knowing that they had climbed trees to get to one another.
  • Lost Bells, Illustration by Tara Isha

    Lost Bells

    Even in his blue silk dhoti, Shekhar looks like a walking insect—a fancy walking insect. It is an interesting look for someone with no personality.
  • Roseapples, illustration by Dyuti Mittal

    Hyphens Are Pink

    There were moments when our rhythms matched, and our feet, with a muddy shoe or two, were up in the blue sky together.

Testimonial Comics #17

By Nishant Jain