Shruti Rao

A literature post-graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Shruti Rao is a freelance writer and poet. She has been published in national and international journals such as International Literary Quarterly, Prosopisia, Reading Hour, and Governance Now. For the right amount of vada pav, she will write you a poem.

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Hard Pressed

In a world where everyone with an Internet connection possesses the agency to self-publish, how do we deal with questions of quality?

Book Review: Chennaivaasi

T. S. Tirumurti sets the stage for a tale of duty, love, and family that spans across continents and generations.

Book Review: The Rhythm of Riddles

This translated collection of Byomkesh Bakshi mysteries is non-intrusive, mildly interesting—at times, pleasant—but ultimately tepid.