Into the Desert

It was a solid plan; to fall asleep before the cold got to us. Or so we thought.

Village Vignettes: Romancing Rural Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, pride does not take on the ugly avatar of arrogance. It helps the people ground themselves in a coherent identity in the face of a fast globalising landscape.

Village Vignettes: Harvest Season

Being a handicap in a farming family is a deadly curse—the ignominy of being an extra mouth to feed without the solace of being a helping hand.

Village Vignettes: Happiness

The secret to happiness, so intangible, and yet so familiar, remains too tantalisingly nebulous to encapsulate in words.

Village Vignettes: Opium for Dinner

For most of us, opium usually paints a picture of the messy tangle of the narcotics trade, undercover dealings, and sometimes, a withered Chinese lady smoking a pipe.

Village Vignettes: An Officer’s Apathy

He sat in a lazy slump in his rotating chair, complete with the mandatory towel that graces every government officer’s throne.

Village Vignettes: Jaani’s Pension

Against the rural landscape, where time takes on another pace, numbers like age have a way of being forgotten.

Village Vignettes: Jogilal Meena’s Mittens

An attempt to piece together the story of water availability in rural Rajasthan and what farmers are doing to adapt to their changing environment.