A Certain Degree of Ownership

Helter Skelter is a proud partner of the Desperate Literature Prize for Short Fiction. This…

Throwback Tuberculosis

For much longer than COVID-19, India has had another airborne disease to contend with. It still affects large sections of the population, but it has seemingly been long-neglected.

What Would It Mean If Women Were Allowed to Dream?

Salma’s Women, Dreaming is a feminist text; a generational tale of women bound to each other by blood, marriage, and proximity.

Book Review: The Anger of Saintly Men

Anubha Yadav’s debut novel calls out toxic masculinity within Indian families and society at large through its nuanced and unafraid take on what it means to be a “man” in India.

Book Review: No Straight Thing Was Ever Made

This collection of essays by Urvashi Bahuguna is likely to be a source of comfort, awareness, and reassurance for anyone who has struggled with their own—or a loved one’s—mental illness.