Royal Blue Pyjamas

A Eulogy for My Royal Blue Botanical Pyjama Set

Each time I folded the collar of my shirt, it felt like I had dog-eared the day and marked its existence in my mental journal of lockdown memories.

A Pursuit

The light turned green and Annie discovered that keeping up with a man in possession of such powerful buttocks was not an easy task.

A Burning Megha Majumdar

Book Review: A Burning

An achingly real take on the affairs of 21st century India, A Burning traces three lives struggling against communal politics and fighting for social and economic mobility.

The Myth of Normal

The Myth of Normal

A few openly queer women speak to us about how they view attraction, sexuality, gender, and consent.

The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club

Watching The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix takes an author back to reading the series of books while growing up in early-2000s Calcutta.