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  • ‘Another Chance’ Contest Winners

    The winners of the ‘Another Chance’ contest held in January 2011 are Hitesh Ratnani (Mumbai), Vasundhara Yadav (New Delhi), Arnab Poddar (Bangalore), Kritika Kushwaha (Noida), Aseem Rastogi (Pune), Bhargavi Balachandran (Chennai), Piyush Shah (Mumbai), Shikher Chaudhary (Mumbai), Prashant Sehgal (Noida), and Richa Ramela (New Delhi). Hearty congratulations to all of you! Photograph by Nitin Patel. […]
  • Book Review: Another Chance

    An unnerving reflection of the state of contemporary amorous relationships in modern India.
The Oracle of Tripe #5

The Oracle of Tripe #5

By Chaitanya Modak and Benita Fernando
The Oracle of Tripe #5