Sangeeta Mulay

Sangeeta is a traveller, erstwhile rat racer, and wannabe children’s author. She blogs here.

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Ralegan Siddhi

Chasing Anna

For people living in Pune, the village of Ralegan Siddhi is not such an unusual choice for a day picnic.

Shrunken Heads

The Tourism of Grief

Dark tourism—travelling to places associated with death, pain, and suffering—is the dirty little secret of the tourism industry.

Cigars in Cuba

Rolling Cigars in Havana

A cigar festival is held in Havana every year and cigar tasting tours, as well as tours to nearby tobacco plantations, are extremely popular.

Fire and Ice

If you are a cynical traveller, driven by the urge to seek something different, then Iceland provides just the right kind of kick.