• A Murder on Malabar Hill

    Book Review: A Murder on Malabar Hill

    Sujata Massey's novel is best described by Dirk Gently’s maxim that to solve a crime, one must investigate the society in which it takes place.
  • Woman in Charge: Gram Sabha

    Woman in Charge: Gram Sabha

    Tara wished she could speak more at these meetings, but there were important people here. She had to make a good impression.
  • I Am a Troll

    Book Review: I Am a Troll

    A worthy venture into the deep, dark world of Indian cyber-terrorism that should attract more detailed investigations and the placement of legal safeguards online.
The Oracle of Tripe #10

The Oracle of Tripe #10

By Chaitanya Modak and Benita Fernando
The Oracle of Tripe #10